BioEnergie Verbund e.V. receives approval from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research to set up the BioH2BK – BioHydrogen + BioConversion Central Germany Innovation Forum

With decision of 30.09.2020 the BioEnergie Verbund e.V. receives the grant for the development of a cluster BioH2BK – BioHydrogen + BioConversion Central Germany within a grant period from 01.10.2020 to 30.06.2021. In this tight timing as well as pandemic-related restrictions, the formation of a sustainable innovation cluster should nevertheless be pursued as an overall goal and find its continuation beyond this period.

In this future network, the actors from the networks already established by BioEnergie Verbund e.V. ZIM-KN “EnergiePlus-Kläranlage”, ZIM-KN “Biomasse 2. 0”, ZIM-KN “IGM-Intelligente Gebäude Möbel” with further networks and biomass producers, municipal waste management companies, energy suppliers and manufacturers of bioplastics as well as research institutes, which are yet to be activated, in order to initiate technology and product developments that promote a sustainable, energy self-sufficient recycling economy.

Based on the initial results of the “Biomass 2.0” network on the utilization of biogenic residues in municipalities, the network is also intended to enable municipal network partners to become energy self-sufficient in the medium to long term. The fields of innovation that have been identified as making economic, energy, bioeconomic and climate policy sense are:

  • Biomass to BioHydrogen – as implementation in existing biogas and wastewater treatment plants,
  • BioConversion – material utilization of bio-waste (grass, leaves, bio-waste) to biogenic basic materials in bio-hydrogen factories.


In addition, a competence center is to be developed at the Jena site in the medium term, in which the knowledge gained, such as biohydrogen production, bioconversion, energy self-sufficiency of municipal facilities using biomass as an energy source, will be further consolidated. Future networking for cross-clustering is conceivable as follows: