The high-performance research network

BioEnergie Verbund e.V. bundles expertise in the fields of biohydrogen, biomass utilization and sustainable construction and networks its players in Thuringia, Germany and worldwide. In addition, the association is available as an advisory body for research questions.

All steps involved are accompanied: Together with the research partner, starting from science, teaching and development, industrial production, public relations and product placement are strategically planned and implemented.

The focus of the association’s work is on research into the efficient use of biomass for decentralized biohydrogen and energy production. 17 plants in Thuringia have already benefited from the consulting activities. They have been set up by various companies and some of them are still being scientifically supervised today.

Within the scope of repowering consultations, companies and organizations are presented with methods to increase the efficiency of their biogas plants. At the same time, the materials used to produce biogas are to be adapted. Instead of using food such as corn or grain cultivated for this purpose, as is often the case today, biogas production is to happen with biological waste.