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BioWasserstoff Fabrik

Energy Efficiency & Repowering

Central sewage treatment plant Jena
Kläranlage Jena

Conversion to 100% energy self-sufficient
operation for 210,000 PE

  • Project management of the conversion
  • Research into methods for shortening digestion times.
Milchwerke Thüringen GmbH Erfurt
Milchwerke gmbh

Production of biohydrogen from
whey and food waste

  • Research of the enzymatic degradation
  • Construction and operation of an H2 pilot plant
  • Energy concept for heating conversion
    to biohydrogen
GD Naturkraft GmbH Helmbrechts

Repowering of a 500 KW biogas plant

  • Concept for multistage operation
  • Energy demand optimization
  • Laboratory analysis for the conversion to biogenic residues
Biogas Betrieb GmbH & Co KG Kölleda
Biogasanlage Kölleda

Hydrolysis stage for NAWARO 500 KW biogas plant

  • Proof of the reduction of the residence time
    from 62 to 30 days in the laboratory pilot plant
  • Development of a system solution for
    conversion from single-stage to multistage
NEUE Energie GmbH Schmölln

Rehabilitation and restart of a 1.1 MW
NAWARO biogas plant

  • Concept study for conversion to
    substrate feeding by means of interchangeable containers
  • 5-year measurement program and scientific
    supervision for optimization of the plant
GEMES Abfall & Recycling GmbH Saalfeld/Saale
Saalfeld Saale

Research project ECO Concept

  • Concept for retrofitting the existing
    garage fermentation plant with an
    automatic feeding unit
  • Conversion to new mode of operation with the same plant performance without mixing digestate residue
ESS Energiesysteme GmbH Schlossvippach

Rehabilitation and restart of a 500 KW waste biogas plant

  • Reconstruction of the garage-type digestion plant for
    optimization of the digester temperature
  • Test program for the use of
    structural material to improve the
  • New procedure for quick start of the
    garage-type digestion plants after filling
Zentrale Kläranlage Pößneck

Research project hybrid wastewater treatment plant

  • The aim of the project was to demonstrate that energy-autonomous operation is possible through co-digestion with liquid biogenic waste.
SP Multitech Renewable Energy Malaysia

New construction 900 KW waste biogas plant

  • Project planning and construction supervision of a
    mono-digestion plant for dry poultry manure
  • Scientific accompaniment of the digestate disposal in
    constructed wetlands.

Network management

IGM – Intelligente Gebäude Möbel
Plus Energie Kläranlage