STADT.LAND.Zukunft Summer Tour 2020 – State Secretary for Infrastructure Susanna Karawanskij visits BioEnergie Verbund e.V. in Jena

Mrs. Susanna Karawanskij, State Secretary in the Thuringian Ministry of Infrastructure and Agriculture (TMIL) talking with company representatives in the BioEnergie Verbund Jena (from left to right) at the model of the Jena BioHydrogen Factory: Christoph Bürger – Head of Department Anerobic Technology at the Robert Boyle Institute e.V., Olaf Luschnig – Chairman of the Supervisory Board Robert Boyle Institut e.V., Dr. Christian Huck – 1st Chairman BioEnergie Verbund e.V., Mrs. Müller – Press Office TMIL, Mrs. Susanne Karawanskij, State Secretary TMIL, Dr. Gudrun Lukin, MDL – Transport Policy Spokesperson of the Parliamentary Group Die Linke

The processes and products on which the BioEnergie Verbund e.V. is currently researching with its business-oriented, non-profit research institution, the Robert Boyle Institute e.V. and other companies from industry and science, are of great interest to the state of Thuringia. Therefore, a visit by the TMIL was only logical. During her Summer Tour 2020, State Secretary for Infrastructure Susanna Karawanskij visited BioEnergie Verbund e.V. on August 12, 2020 to learn about the current research projects on biohydrogen, decentralized energy supply and intelligent building technology.

With her knowledgeable and intelligent questions, State Secretary Karawanskij showed herself to be an extremely competent expert on the subject of hydrogen and decentralized energy supply in rural areas. She was most interested in the planned biohydrogen factory in Jena and the possible use of biohydrogen for regional energy supply. With the help of a plant model, her inquiries about BioHydrogen production itself, as well as the delivery of previously composted biomass via a GrünWert truck, could be answered concretely.

With the presentation of a modular refurbishment system “IGM – Intelligente Gebäude Möbel” – modular system for reusable interior walls and connecting components for the refurbishment of industrial and commercial buildings in energetic connection between exterior and interior wall components, another research topic was presented, which can help to avoid construction waste, save building material thanks to reusable components and reduce CO2 emissions.

In the short time available, such topics as the promotion of a competence center BioHydrogen + Bioconversion +BioEnergy City + Sustainable Building in Jena, a concrete support for the site development of the Jena BioHydrogen Factory, as well as a cooperation in the innovation cluster BioH2BK – BioHydrogen and Bioconversion could only be addressed, but not further deepened, which was due to the very tight schedule of the visit.

Also at the corona-optimized Thuringia buffet Mrs. Karawanskij continued intensive technical discussions with employees of the BioEnergie Verbund e.V. As guest gift a mint herb set with inscription STADT.LAND.Zukunft was handed to her. The mint stands as a welfare all-round talent for all kinds of health cheering up, in particular it is to be calming and antispasmodic.

All employees on site have taken this as a hint to let the mint grow splendidly on the one hand and to eat from it on the other hand in order to successfully complete the projects presented with the calming mint effect. Thus with Mrs. Karawanskij no direct follow-up date was agreed upon, but a coming back at the latest to the laying of the foundation stone of the bio hydrogen factory with magnificently grown mint bush in prospect.

Dr.-Ing. Christian Huck 1. Chairman